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Relationship With Food And Body

These days it appears that ‘being healthy’ is a slippery slope for some of us.

As we struggle to achieve balance in our every day lives, no greater place do we see this struggle than in our relationship with food and body. Striving for ‘perfection’ in this area of our lives is usually a set up for failure and disappointment and we end up in an all consuming head space. Extremes in any shape or form quickly become unhealthy and unmanageable. Always look at yourself holistically, we are so much more than skin deep!

Dealing with food and body issues is often not about addressing the issue of WHAT we eat, but rather HOW and WHY. This journey is about exploring your relationship with food and coming to understand it in a deeper way and learning new behaviours to replace old, unhelpful ones so that you can live your life and view yourself  in a more true and confident way.

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